Single Query Language

Single Query Language

Boost your team’s potential and efficiency.

Put the power of your security tools in your team’s hands with one language to investigate across them all.

Amplify Your
Team’s Potential

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Finding the right talent and training a security team takes time. But what if all your analysts could conduct investigations, without the steep learning curve?

The Query.AI platform makes it easy for your senior and junior analysts to efficiently conduct investigations across your cloud, third–party SaaS, and on–prem environments without having to become experts in each, individual system.

Make Your Team More Productive, More Quickly

Query.AI increases your team’s productivity by eliminating the need for analysts to learn the syntax of each individual cybersecurity system.

Our platform provides the flexibility to ask questions across cybersecurity systems with the simplicity of a single query–via text, natural language, or our Unified Query Language.

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“The platform’s unified query language is the winning ticket. It’s easy to learn how to use Query.AI, just one solution, that lets us access and investigate on every platform technology we have. Query.AI lets us put the power of our security tools in our team’s hands, without having to train and get them comfortable on each and every one of those systems.”

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Federated Search
Federated Search

Achieve complete visibility and context across your full cybersecurity ecosystem.

Unified Browser Interface
Unified Browser Interface

Get centralized insights across decentralized data silos.


Platform Agility
Platform Agility

Gain real–time, API–driven insights from your evolving environment.

Closed Loop Response
Closed–Loop Response

Go from alert–to–response with speed and confidence.

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