Federated Search

Federated Search

Achieve complete visibility and context across your full cybersecurity ecosystem.

Identify and respond to threats in minutes.

Get Fast Answers Without The Swivel Chair Frustrations

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Does your team need a quicker, easier way to respond to alerts or know if a suspicious IP or MD5 threat indicator is in your environment?

Query.AI Federated Search gives you real–time insights into threats across your cloud, third–party SaaS, and on–prem environments without requiring you to transfer or duplicate data. It works across best–of–breed technologies, eliminating vendor lock–in and expensive do–it–yourself security engineering projects generally required for integration.

Obtain Accurate Insights With Your Investigation Details Automatically Pieced Together

Instead of today’s slow, manual process of correlating the components of your investigation, Query.AI automatically normalizes all the details for you.

Your team can rapidly see what’s relevant, the potential impact, and priority–all in a single dashboard. This streamlines your investigation and provides everything at your fingertips to efficiently identify and respond to security risks.

“With Query.AI, we’ve been able to federate our investigations across a disparate toolset and automate workflows to enrich data with real–time correlations in support of our incident response processes.”

VP of Information Security Operations

Media Company

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Single Query Language
Single Query Language

Boost your team’s potential and efficiency.

Unified Browser Interface
Unified Browser Interface

Get centralized insights across decentralized data silos.


Platform Agility
Platform Agility

Gain real–time, API–driven insights from your evolving environment.

Closed Loop Response
Closed–Loop Response

Go from alert–to–response with speed and confidence.

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