Closed Loop Response

Closed–Loop Response

Go from alert–to–response with speed and confidence.

Act on alerts and threats across your ecosystem in minutes.

Simplify Response To Security Risks – All From One Console

When there’s a high–risk threat in your environment, speedy response times are critical. The Query.AI platform gives you closed–loop, human–driven response actions, so you can get to outcomes in minutes.

With your investigation insights in hand, the Query.AI platform makes it easy to respond and document everything, all directly from a single interface. You can initiate a password reset, lock, block, or isolate a user, IP, or host. Any response action your tools and infrastructure can support is at your fingertips.

Streamline Ticket Management

Query.AI enables your team to centrally manage and close out investigation tickets in a fraction of the time. When you integrate the platform with your ticketing system, your analysts gain a single place to view alerts, create tickets, assign an investigation, add annotations, and attach all of the relevant Query.AI investigation information.

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“With Query.AI, we’ve been able to federate our investigations across a disparate toolset and automate workflows to enrich data with real–time correlations in support of our incident response processes. Query.AI has enabled us to put a wider set of tools, and the data they hold, at the fingertips of our incident responders.”

Joe Oney

Security Operations

Manager Hogan Lovells

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Federated Search
Federated Search

Achieve complete visibility and context across your full cybersecurity ecosystem.

Single Query Language
Single Query Language

Boost your team’s potential and efficiency.

Unified Browser Interface
Unified Browser Interface

Get centralized insights across decentralized data silos.


Platform Agility
Platform Agility

Gain real–time, API–driven insights from your evolving environment.

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